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Peterson Pipes

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Peterson Pipes

Post  kilted1 on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:12 am

Ah yes,

The Peterson pipe ... now there's a subject. Peterson is something people are passionate about. You disagree? Mention Peterson out loud in a crowded B&M or in a chat room sometime. Fully 5% of the people there will immediately say that Peterson's suck, another 5% will claim they love them and the rest of the room will quietly wait until the two extremes fight it out before offering an opinion.

Count me in the "love them" category. I love my Petes and I own quite a few of them. In various grades and styles many a fine bowl of tobacco has been passed through a Pete on it's way to pleasure.

So what is it about a Peterson that I find so endearing? I don't know entirely. I love the variety that Peterson pipes offer, how many distinct lines do they have now? Who knows. I don't care that the lower grades are 'dip stained', personally when purchasing a lower grade I'm prepared to sand out the smoking chamber prior to smoking for the first time. I'm committed to creating a 'smoking partner' so I fully expect that most pipes will require a break in period.

I LOVE the Peterson 'take' on traditional shape interpretations. I love some of the shapes that are distinctly 'Peterson' I can tell many a Pete from across the room.

I personally find that most Petes, even the low grades are well produced, form and fit are at least equal to mass produced pipes by other makers. The higher grade pipes are very well made in my estimation. Very few exceed the silver work you'll find on high grade Petes.

Maybe its all because I'm part Irish ... yeah that's it! To me a good Pete is a good friend, as comfortable as a good pair of slippers by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and a good bowl of tobacco. I was going to write more ... but I saw a Peterson pipe over there that I've not smoked in awhile, I think I'll load up some leaf and relax.



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