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Post  jerrygarrison on Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:31 pm

Ok Pipers,
what is the meaning of a "Freehand" pipe? Just what does the term "Freehand" mean?



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Re: Freehands

Post  kilted1 on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:05 pm

Hello Jerry,

Thanks for starting an interesting topic!

Opinions will likely vary as to the precise definition of what a "Freehand Pipe" is.

To my way of thinking several things define what a "freehand" is, none of which are mutually exclusive, nor do all criterion need to be present for a pipe to fit into the "freehand category" for me.

1. Any pipe that does not fit into a category of "classic" and recognized pipe shapes (Billiard, Poker, Canadian, Bulldog et al)

2. Any pipe that is made entirely by hand not held or turned in a lathe, and without a recognized pipe shape in mind.

3. A new "take" on a classic pipe-shape IE "Freehand Canadian" with large deviations from the classic shape while still recognizable as the classic shape.

4. Many pipes which are considered "freehands" are topped with un-finished plateau.

I'm of a mindset that the "Freehand" pipe has been with us long enough that there is even a "classic freehand" shape such as the many "freehands" one might see while looking at the "Ben Wade" line of products. There are some artisans who's work is almost entirely "Freehand" in nature, seemingly these folks are not interested in producing standard pipe shape, preferring to create fanciful pipes.

I hope that many will post replies to this topic, wisdom in a variety of opinion Smile



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