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How to post a review

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How to post a review

Post  kilted1 on Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:28 pm

This probably seems obvious, yet what passes for a "review" on some other sites leaves a lot to be desired. We wish to keep this forum as easy and user-friendly as possible, at the same time we desire to provide the best information we can by our collective efforts/knowledge.

A very loose guideline to use while posting may be of use when attempting to post your opinion of a given tobacco's merit(s). So many times I've read "review" after "review" on other sites where the information given was minimal, or reviewer sought to disparage a blender(s) talents, personality and other things offering us such sage advice as the product "just sucks" and "to call 'x' a blender is a disservice to humanity" ... Ok I was exaggerating, I think you get the point.

It would be nice to include your observations on the composition of a given tobacco blend:

Which tobaccos were used (IE Virginias, Latakia, Burley, etc) Form (flake, ready rubbed, cube cut, etc) Tin Aroma, Room Note, Strength in flavor/nicotine.

A few notes about how it tastes when first lit, mid bowl and how it finishes would be helpful as well.

When writing a review, I try to follow my own 'outline' so that I can provide a consistent format for ease of use and ease of understanding to whomever might read my reviews.

Your approach may be very different from mine. The goal of a good review is to provide useful information, as though we were sitting in a nice B&M somewhere and you were describing the experience to us.

In other words, we welcome and encourage your reviews, we'd like to think you have more to say than "This blend tastes like it was soaked in sweaty woolen socks for a month. It sucks!" The more informative you attempt to be while reviewing, the better. I've written reviews on blends I didn't like at all, and tried to detail what things I didn't like about it hoping that someone else reading the review might thereby be 'better informed' in the process. "This blend sucks!" really isn't that informative.

Often in various chat rooms around the net, I've come across people who would LOVE to review tobacco products but feel over-whelmed or intimidated about trying. I hope that persons who have never tried WILL try here. I think that you will find that IF you smoke a blend (maybe a blends that is a favorite that you've smoked for 30+ years) with the intention of describing it to us in the form of a review, you will discover things about that blend you never noticed before!

Just as an example, I've re-posted a portion of a review I did on another site of Wessex Burley Sliced. Please don't feel that your review need take this format, or be this elaborate to have merit here. With practice and patience I believe anyone can write a good review.



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